Our Team

Name: Scott Stamatakis
Title: President
Nickname: Stam
Stuff he does: builds systems and solves problems your title company cannot
Name: Sami Thalji
Title: Attorney at Law
Nickname: Sami
Stuff he does: Client relations and helps realtors solve contract issues 24/7
Name: Sandra Cooper
Title: Senior Closing Agent
Nickname: Coop
Stuff she does: Always Be Closing
Name: Robert H. Genders
Title: Director of Client Development
Nickname: Hi-Def
Stuff he does: Relationship builder
Name: Melissa Thalji
Title: Attorney at Law, Title Agent
Stuff she does: Solves complex problems
Name: Nick Fowler
Title: Attorney at Law, Title Agent
Stuff he does: Master of technology


Because land is permanent and can have may owners over the years, various rights in land may have been acquired by others (such as mineral, air or utility rights) by the time you come into possession of it, even if the land has never before been built upon. In order to transfer a clear title to a piece of land, it is first necessary to determine whether any rights are outstanding.

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