Unity One is an attorney owned and operated title company providing real estate closing and escrow services throughout the State of Florida while leveraging technology and old-fashioned customer services to bring real estate into the 21st century.

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Attorney Owned and Operated

Unity One is owned by attorneys. When you use Unity One you know that attorneys are there every step of the way to make sure your closing is done right. Our attorneys work with realtors and homeowners alike to make sure problems are solved and deals are closed.

Technology Driven

Unity One leverages all available technology to make sure your closing is as convenient and safe as possible. From e-signature documents, to mobile notaries, to remote closings, to online recording, you can count on Unity One to make sure the sale of your home is not jeopardized by travel restrictions and quarantines.

Problem Solvers

Unity One was opened in 2004 and has managed to survive and thrive during these volatile times because of our attorneys. Our knowledge in the real estate law combined with our understanding of banking law and legal processes allows us to solve problems for realtors and homeowners that other title companies simply are not equipped to deal with. Title insurance fees are set by State law, so why pay the same amount of money for lesser service?